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The Grid of Fortune

The Grid of Fortune


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The Grid of Fortune is a 33-card runic deck based on one of the oldest runic alphabets known as The Elder Futhark. This elegant deck interweaves the wisdom of runes and the symbolism of Norse mythology. Since the ancient runes are an active magical attribute on their own, therefore The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle serves a multipurpose use: as a tool for divination, meditation, and magical workings. Each of the 33 cards contains the visual representation of the runes, their translated meanings and main keywords, the aett they belong to and the corresponding elements, making The Grid of Fortune deck suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The Deck

   ✦ 33 cards
   ✦ 7 x 12 cm (2.75 x 4.75 inches) card size
   ✦ High-quality 330gsm paper 
   ✦ Black card edges
   ✦ Gold foil details on the front and back of each card

The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle will include the 24 Elder Futhark Runes, The Blank Rune and 8 exclusive Animal Fylgja cards! Those cards make our deck really unique and one of a kind. You can read more about the Animal Fylgja cards in the description below.

The Guidebook

   ✦ History of the Runes
   ✦ Activation ritual, meditaion and exercises
   ✦ Meaning and interpretation for each Rune and Fylgja card
   ✦ Divination spreads

The Box

   ✦ Hard two-part box
   ✦ Luxurious gold foil details
   ✦ Holds both the deck and the guidebook


Made with love by Craft of Shadows!

Printed in Bulgaria, EU.

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