Not just oracle, but a magickal tool!

The Grid of Fortune is a 33-card runic deck based on one of the oldest runic alphabets known as The Elder Futhark. This elegant deck interweaves the wisdom of runes and the symbolism of Norse mythology. Since the ancient runes are an active magical attribute on their own, therefore The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle serves a multipurpose use: as a tool for divination, meditation, and magical workings. Each of the 33 cards contains the visual representation of the runes, their translated meanings and main keywords, the aett they belong to and the corresponding elements, making The Grid of Fortune deck suitable for both beginners and advanced practitioners.

The Deck

The deck is manufactured of high-quality paper produced from ECF cellulose, without the content of wood and recycled pulp, completely recyclable and biodegradable. In addition to being environmentally friendly, this 330 gram paper is also classified as a long-life material. A special treatment of the paper gives softness and a matte finish to the cards. The deck has black and rounded edges, which gives not only an elegant aesthetic appearance, but also a pleasant feeling when shuffling. Each card is printed entirely with double-sided gold foil, making The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle a unique addition to your collection. The gold foil printing technique we use is one of the most labor intensive in the industry, making The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle a work of printed art. The deck measures 7 x 12 cm (2.75 x 4.7 inches) packaged with a guide book in a hard box.

One of a kind deck

What makes The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle one of a kind is the complementary cards we've added to the deck. In addition to the Odin’s rune, we added Eight more cards inspired by the companion spirits that each person receives after birth, known in Norse mythology as "fylgja".

The Animal Fylgja cards in the Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle are designed to work as significators, making the deck a powerful and accurate tool for divination practices. We used the sacred animal symbolism of the Ancient Norse people and distributed them in the eternal wisdom of the archetypes. Through the Animal Fylgja cards, the practitioner will be able to determine the nature of the questioner, as well as receive additional messages about the people who are the main participants in his destiny.

The Guidebook

Apart from being beautiful with its fine gold-foiled elements, the Grid of Fortune guidebook is also extremely informative. With its 150 pages, the guidebook examines the history, mythology and meaning of the Ancient Norse Runes. We spent six months writing to immerse you in the authentic culture of Norse runes and offer you a read that will enrich your knowledge and motivate you to expand it. In the Grid of Fortune Guidebook you will find descriptions of the upright and reversed meanings of each rune and of each fylgja card, exercises for learning the runes, a runic meditation, an activating ritual, easy divination spreads, bibliographic list, and of course, our personal interpretations that we have accumulated from working with runes as active magical practitioners.

The Box

The Grid of Fortune Rune Oracle box is in two parts - a lid and a bottom designed to hold the deck and booklet. The heavy paper base with additional coating makes the box extra strong to protect the deck from the test of time. The impressive design of the box matches the aesthetics of the deck as it is made with black paper and gold foil.