About us

Craft of Shadows is a small business with a big heart that beats in the creativity of Garwen and Helena (our magical names). Created in the summer of 2021 as a place to share our knowledge, recipes and personal journey in witchcraft, Craft of Shadows has grown from an Instagram profile to a brand. Our team of two creates all designs, texts and videos for both social media platforms and our products in a captivating magical aesthetic. Our magnificent followers and friends are the inspiration for Craft of Shadows' motto:

"A Magical Brand for Magical People"

Garwen is the lead designer at Craft of Shadows with 10 years of experience in digital design and art. After years in the fields of mathematics and computer science, Garwen unleashed his creative potential by graduating from the Bulgarian National Academy of Arts with a BA in Industrial Design and a BA in Art Therapy. Garwen's occult practice is focused mainly on Runic Mysteries and Magic, Elemental Magic, Green Magic, and Herbalism.


Helena is the lead copywriter at Craft of Shadows. With over 14 years of professional experience in applied arts and 5 years in design, Helena is the complementary force to Garwen's work. She is also a graduate of the National Academy of Arts with a BA in Textile Arts & Design and a BA in Pedagogy & Art Therapy. Helena's main specialization is focused in the occult doctrines of Astrology, Hermetism, Alchemy and Numerology.

Our Products

The main focus of our projects is to combine wisdom and artistry to provide functional, active and supportive products for your magical practice. Crafting magical items is a challenge that requires a detailed familiarity with ancient texts, symbolism, cosmology, and of course real hands-on experience. While the path of magic is endless and ever-evolving, our products are also a reflection of the fields in which we feel our knowledge is solid. We believe that knowledge is preserved through sharing, and so we are honored to contribute to the magical community through the creation of ritual and magical attributes.