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Craft of Shadows

90 Shadow Work Prompts: From Darkness to Strength

90 Shadow Work Prompts: From Darkness to Strength

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From Darkness to Strength is a digital list of 90 journaling prompts created to guide you on your self-discovery journey through the layers of the Shadow Self. Designed to assist your first steps into the unknown, our shadow work prompts can help you explore the suppressed and hidden dark elements of your identity. From Darkness to Strength is suitable for the first three months of Shadow Work, allowing you to uncover the major characteristics of your Shadow, your automatic shadow behavior, the dark traits you project onto others, and the events that trigger your dark side. Through honest self-reflection, observation, compassion, and courage, the layers of the Shadow slowly begin to unravel, liberating the individual from the restrictions of the social mask.

The collection includes:

   ✦ What is the Shadow Self
   ✦ What is Shadow work
   ✦ Benefits of Shadow work
   ✦ 90 Shadow work prompts that can cover three months of your practice
   ✦ Tips and advices on how to start your journaling sessions
   ✦ Gorgeous design featuring original artwork from Craft of Shadow
   ✦ 14 ready to print digital pages in .pdf format
   ✦ a blank sheet

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